Frequently Asked Questions

By Our Customers

QInformation for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility

If you have a disability of any kind or your mobility is reduced, for example because of age or temporary injury, airlines may offer a range of free services to help you at the airport and on board of the flights within the United States. We have put together this document to provide answers to questions you may have about your journey, which will help you book with confidence. We strongly encourage you to read the policy of you operating carrier regarding customers with disabilities.

Q Who should I contact if I need special assistance?

We strongly recommend you contact the involved airports and airline directly and request special assistance when you fly, as needed. To ensure such special assistance is available to you, you need to book your flight and request such services from your operating carrier at least 48 hours in advance of your departure. If you have trouble contacting the airport or airlines to request such services, please call us at +212 6 61 09 31 86, and we will endeavor to notify the airport and the airlines of your request for special assistance. It is really important that you give the airlines and the airports the right and complete information about your needs so they can ensure your trip goes smoothly.

QOverseas Accommodation and Overseas Transport Arrangements

The majority of overseas accommodation, overseas transport (including transfers) and other holiday services provided overseas are not equipped to cater to the needs of many disabled holidaymakers. Furthermore the natural terrain and the layout of some resorts can sometimes make life difficult for wheelchair users.

It is therefore important, if you have any disability, that the appropriate enquiries are made about the suitability of particular accommodation, resorts, transport and services and that you are fully satisfied you have made the correct choice before you book and confirm your holiday. If in doubt, please contact us. Please note: if special arrangements need to be made for you, the airline or vendor may charge an additional fee over and above the price of your ticket. These fees are assessed by the airline, hotel, car Rental Company or airport and Moroccan-Family.Com has no control over the amount of or the charging of these additional service fees. Such fees may be charged prior to departure or upon your arrival at the airport, hotel, etc. depending on the respective vendor’s policies.

QWhat to bring ?

A journey starts at the same moment you have it in mind. It starts long before the departure whatever happens, it scales and the preparation is an adventure in itself. The key of success is closely linked with your choice of documentation, material and the rational organisation of the space you have at your disposition.


European citizens don’t need Visas to go to Morocco if the stay less than three months. The passports must be valid all along your stay in Morocco.

For citizens of other countries they have to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco and the Cooperation.

For more details please contact us.



There is no compulsory vaccine or anti-malarial drug treatment.


Avoid water from « oueds » or rivers; it is advised to drink Mineral waters like (sidi ali ,sidi herazem…)

Bring basic medicines in case of diarrhea and vomiting, headaches, etc and material of first aid, however if you do not want to be overloaded you can obviously buy medicines in Moroccan pharmacies around the country.



In general, mobiles works in Morocco (Ask Rooming to your network company)

Wifi is available in restaurants and hotel around Morocco.
Phone boots:

You can find them in most places, they accept coins and cards.

Call abroad from Morocco:

Dial 00 and the country dialling code wanted

Call Morocco from abroad:

Dial the dialing code of Morocco: 00 212 and then dial the number wanted.


The suitable clothes if you travel in summer: short trouser, cotton shirt, sweatpants, shoes or comfortable sandals and some hot clothes if you are travelling in the mountainous areas; hats or other accessories to protect you from the sun and overall a good pair of sun glasses. A good sunscreen cream is essential and some insecticides.

If you travel in winter: comfortable and warm clothes, coat, sleeping bag, etc.


The clock changes in Morocco is turned backward two hours to local time in winter, while if you are travelling in summer, the clock change is turned forward one hour to the local time.