Should I Go Solo To Morocco For Woman

Although I believe a woman should always have the right to wear whatever she wants, in a country with an Islamic culture where the woman generally cover their bodies and heads, it is important to respect the local culture in order to receive respect back from the local people.

Traveling alone in Morocco to every woman, like with everywhere in the world, it is important to adapt your dress and behavior to that of the local culture, and to always be aware of your surroundings. Morocco is a modernizing county, however it is still has a strong Islamic culture, which is one of the joys of travelling there, but it also requires you to cover-up and be aware that being a woman alone might not be a common sight. The rewards of travelling in this country far outweigh any hassle you might get. It’s one of the most vibrant, colorful and interesting places in the world, and for Europeans it exists right on our doorstep. So woman of the world, get planning your trip to Morocco



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